A few words on Glasgow Rangers FC….

It was acutely disappointing to learn of the almost unanimous decision of the SPL clubs that Rangers FC will be excluded from the Scottish Premier League (SPL) with immediate effect. Does the club deserve to be excluded from the Scottish Premier League (SPL) ? Objectively speaking, they probably do – the rules exist for a reason and there appears to be a determination to enforce them to the letter just to make a point.

Fine. So be it. Scottish football fans have longer memories than most. We won’t forget this one.

While the SPL is certainly greater than the two Old Firm teams, as a ‘Gers fan for decades, this is a defining moment in the history of Scottish football. My personal view as a ‘Gers fan is that we look after the health of our club, the SPL can look after itself since they don’t want us and should they falter or fail, why intervene ? Our club should and must be our first priority.

We can earn our way back into the SPL. I have no doubts that we will.

And now, of course, the Scottish Football League (SFL) teams are crying foul at the prospect that ‘Gers will get “elevated” into Division 1 at their expense. There are voices that say that ‘Gers should start from the bottom (Division 3). So what if they make ‘Gers start at the bottom ? Remember what happened with Fiorentina. “La Viola” were also in a similar position a few years ago – they rose again from the bottom to become stronger and better than before. Their fans were equally as passionate as ‘Gers fans.

I’m not saying that we should kow-tow and accept the decision. I disagree strongly with it. But it sets a precedent for other clubs that will, I think, inevitably see the same fate in the near future and we should make the point that if this is the way it is going to be for us, then it should be the same for everyone else. No exceptions. We will have the moral high ground on our side against all comers should anyone be treated differently. And that’s a strong position to be in.

I’ve been to Ibrox – it was something I really wanted to do. I know the proud history of the club, once of the greatest clubs in the world since 1872. Here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to recreate the legend anew and make ‘Gers stronger than ever before.

It can be done. I think it will be done.


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