Protesting pointless pervasive petty prats in poetry

Around the table we all sit
Warily, nay, champ at the bit
The flashpaper is duly lit
And the rhetoric starts – but sans wit

And as we look into the eyes
To determine what may be the prize
We ramble, jamble and philosophise
And, of course, we neutralise

As opposition’s not the thing
For consensus is what we bring
The shrieking unanimity must therefore ring
Sing out, good chaps, sing, sing, sing

But the noisy restless verbiage
Cannot be heard in tombs
The voices which were silenced
Won’t replicate in wombs

So where are we at ?
Does the cat sit on the mat ?
Do we all look fat in that ?
And have we got our lines all down pat ?

The transigence of existence
Pervades throughout our lives
No matter where we live in
No matter how many wives

It’s pointless to be witty
It’s shameless to argue back
When you look at the nitty-gritty
You’ll always get the sack

And yet, there is Nirvana
But maybe not where you think
Some look at signs and cards and sheep
Or perhaps it’s what you drink

But we should march on forward
Towards the constant dawn
For it’s never very dignified
To collapse, and throw up on someone’s lawn

TI, 2010


About TI

TI is based in Auckland, New Zealand. TI's somewhat eclectic interests include (but are certainly not limited to) legal humour (the law can be funny), good wine, the search for the best possible chocolate, alcoholic beverages, travel, commercial aircraft, photography, weird news stories and classical music.
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