Canned cliches and laughter

Why is it so hard for some people
Can’t they just wake up to reality ?
They drone on about the most meaningless drivel
Just to fill the vacuum of time and space.
Speak to us in tangible terms if you really mean it.
To lessen the divides that separate
Like the proverbial mushrooms in the dark
Educated with the empty platitudes and fragrant manure
Adults can only produce
And yet, we should shout out the word
Pulling and pushing won’t get us to where we want to go
The goal is lost in the abhorrent rhetoric
Wool cannot stop the rising damp
Over which the tide used to fall.
Our conscience bleeds, our tongues are silent
Eyes have we, but sometimes we do not see.

About TI

TI is based in Auckland, New Zealand. TI's somewhat eclectic interests include (but are certainly not limited to) legal humour (the law can be funny), good wine, the search for the best possible chocolate, alcoholic beverages, travel, commercial aircraft, photography, weird news stories and classical music.
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