cannot believe that it is May 2010 already

A few random jottings (secure in the belief no-one will ever read them):

–European politics – it’s 3G (Gordon / Greece / Germany). This week will be one of the more difficult weeks in you are in the UK, Berlin or Athens. Gordon Brown will be consigned to the trash heap although it is still far from clear as to what the final outcome will be. Tory pollsters fervently believe that their man is in a position to secure a small but nevertheless outright majority. Personally, I am not sure about this. My read of the tea leaves suggest that the Cameron & Co, will be short of a majority by something like 10 to 15 seats. Let’s see. In reality, given how close the recent polling is, the ultimate result is still too close to call.

Across in the Continent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has her own battles to face, not helped by the 3rd G being Greece. Caving in to a deeply unpopular rescue plan, she will be resigned to the fact that the CDU will undoubtedly lose the regional elections in Nord-Rhine Westpahlia on the weekend. The final blow must have come in the form of a party-finding scandal which has only broken in the last few days where it has been reported that the CDU broke campaign funding rules. (WSJ Blog reports that the admission was made by a CDU official – . So that will make the populace of at least two European countries intensely disliking the taste of auserity medicine (tastes like fermented seaweed, they say), and doubtless there will be more.

–Most bizarre sight of late: Pohutukawa trees in bloom. In Wellington. Yesterday (Sunday) – why, you might ask ? Well, these are summer trees, informally known as the New Zealand Christmas tree and in Wellington of all places, it was a mindbending sight.

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TI is based in Auckland, New Zealand. TI's somewhat eclectic interests include (but are certainly not limited to) legal humour (the law can be funny), good wine, the search for the best possible chocolate, alcoholic beverages, travel, commercial aircraft, photography, weird news stories and classical music.
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