Collection of recollections

Inspired by the tragic and untimely passing of a young, bright person.

I do not collect trivial things

Not gold, or cars or diamond rings

I do not hoard, as others do

Items scarce, meant only for a few

Instead, I seek intangibles

Delicate, ephemeral frangibles


A perfect sunrise rising above the horizon

Bathed in light and warmth

A collection of reflections

Caught on a shimmering lake

Reflecting pointed jewels of light

As I close my eyes and breathe

The smell of wildflowers in a meadow

Sweet, delicate vapours gently

Carried by zephyrs from the sea

Unleashing its power from within a hidden heart

Music that fills the soul

From simple notes to a breaking point of noise and harmony

And then silence unbroken

As time stands still


Now twilight fades away

The ferry across the Styx approaches

I touch the earth once more

I must depart and break from your loving embrace

I do not leave you with material things

But instead a collection of recollections

Which will remain vivid and live

Even though I am no longer there

About TI

TI is based in Auckland, New Zealand. TI's somewhat eclectic interests include (but are certainly not limited to) legal humour (the law can be funny), good wine, the search for the best possible chocolate, alcoholic beverages, travel, commercial aircraft, photography, weird news stories and classical music.
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