house made out of glass

My friendly muse has struck again. This took about half an hour’s brain work:

Years ago
I used to know
A dame who became
The Princess of Vanity

Luxury she craved
But not a penny she saved
Thus she developed
A penchant for profanity

This profane Princess
Lived to excess
In a palace
Built solely of glass

Like many before her
A tabloid reporter
She exhibited no evidence of class

Her end was quite tragic
Indeed melodramatic
When she left fly
A volley of abuse

She threw carved stone plates
At some of her mates
Who said
Spending she should look to reduce

The whole thing caved in
A banshee-like din
When the last plate
Hit one of the beams

The coroner said
She died with her head
In a bowl
Full of luxury ice-creams.

Not surprisingly,
Few people came to her funeral.
I, too, sent my apologies.
They tell me the eulogy was mercifully short.

When burying her bones
All spoke in hushed tones
The well known proverb, of course.
Those who live in glass houses should never
Throw stones !

About TI

TI is based in Auckland, New Zealand. TI's somewhat eclectic interests include (but are certainly not limited to) legal humour (the law can be funny), good wine, the search for the best possible chocolate, alcoholic beverages, travel, commercial aircraft, photography, weird news stories and classical music.
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